Disabled Pony Riding Lessons & Trekking

Disabled Pony Riding and Equestrian Activities Suitable For Riders With Disabilities & Additional Needs in Nottinghamshire

Disabled Horse Riding Prices & Options
We provide a fun range of equestrian activities and pony riding lessons tailored to riders with a disability, special, or additional needs. Our facilities ensure anyone can enjoy horse riding lessons, pony trekking, or a carriage driving experience.

Joint Pony / Horse Riding
(30 minutes)
£17.00 per person 

Pony Trekking
(30 minutes)
£20.00 per person

Disabled Pony Riding Lessons & Trekking in Nottinghamshire

Health Benefits of pony riding for the disabled

Horse riding is good for those with a disability!

Because horse and pony riding is a social activity, it helps to increase self-confidence, make friends and opens up opportunities to build relationships through combating isolation and loneliness, boosting inner wellbeing and happiness. As well as being lot’s of fun and educational, there are a number of health benefits that come from spending time with, and riding a horse or pony. Regular riding can also improve core strength, balance and coordination.

Disabled horse riding at Coloured Cob allows for interaction and quality time with all of our kind natured, beautiful equine buddies. Our inclusive riding sessions can be enjoyed either on a one-to-one, or group basis. We have over 50 friendly 50 horses, ranging from 10.2hh to 17hh that are all able to carry riders with special and additional needs.

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Health Benefits of pony riding for the disabled

Inclusive horse riding experiences for those with additional needs

We have lots of clients with a wide-range of additional needs. We also have lots of school groups, individual children and adults, all of whom enjoy the benefits of horse riding and stable management we provide.

With a range of on-hand facilities including disabled toilet access, a hoist to aid with mounting a horse, a high mounting block, and a wheelchair accessible carriage, we have everything you need to cater for the disabled rider. If you do have any questions, please do just contact our team and we’ll be happy to help you.

Telephone: 01909 725251

What a team

Get Social

Horse riding is a social activity which helps to increase confidence and body awareness. With the opportunity to make friends and build relationship with the horse or pony, riders can learn the basics whilst encouraged to develop their skills.


Riding a horse can help correct asymmetrical spinal postures. Stimulating bilateral muscles and mobilising joints can help improve coordination, posture as well as balance. For some, sitting positions and movements can also aid digestion.


Horse riding is often described as fun activity that provides disabled riders with the chance to participate in an enjoyable activity while reaping the physical and mental benefits that horse riding can bring.


Interacting with a horse or pony is multi sensory, so there will be new smells, sounds, sights and touch (through the pony’s fur and warmth). These new sensory experiences can be invigorating and exciting.

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    Just some of the great comments we receive…

    Sharon and her team are so friendly. They’ve been helping my daughter to learn how to ride a pony, she was frightened at first, but she soon learned to really enjoy meeting the pony’s, especially Flynn.

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