Dressage for beginner’s activity days

Dressage for beginners is a fantastic activity day on Mon 18th and Mon 25th February and will be filled with learning all the finer elements of flatwork.

Learning dressage

Our instructors will be coaching basic dressage all day and we’ll not only be making you look your best but your horse or pony too. Show preparation will be par for the course with preparing the horses for their test and lesson by looking super smart from being bathed and preened, plaited and pampered to help show your horse off to impress the judge.

Dressage days

The day will revolve around the finer aspects of presentation and etiquette. There will be test riding and a lesson in which you can ask anything you need to know to help improve those all-important scores. Even knowing how to call a test takes skill and timing and this will be included in the day too. Whether you’re a budding Charlotte Dujardin or Carl Hester or simply want to improve your flatwork, this will be a day for everyone to enjoy.

We will be working through the scales of training to improve both horse and rider and give a common understanding of how to accurately ride a test, working on strengths and looking at improving weaknesses.

Codes and best practices

There is also the dress code, for both horse and rider, looking at all the aspects of horse and rider wear to avoid elimination. Not forgetting the all-important arena too? Do you know how to set up your arena? You certainly will after your dressage day!

Who is it suitable for?

This day is ideal for anyone wanting to begin their journey on the elegant equestrian discipline of dressage. Whether you wish to compete at dressage alone or incorporate dressage training into your eventing aspirations and journeys, let Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre’s dressage day be the start of your dressage dreams…

How to get involved?

Getting involved in the day is easy. We welcome children of all ages and abilities. However please remember these days are aimed to predominantly help beginners better understand the fundamentals of dressage.

To sign-up…
Please call us on 01909 725251 and we would be more than happy to help.

With special thanks to…

We would also like to say a big thank you to Stephen Thompson who was kind enough to model for the fantastic pictures in this article.

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